BSIRQI Exemplar Sites: Frequently asked questions


What are BSIRQI exemplar sites?

BSIRQI exemplar sites are departments that have demonstrated a commitment to the development of high quality Interventional Radiology Services, have enrolled in the BSIRQI programme and fulfilled the current criteria for award of exemplar status.


What are BSIRQI Pilot sites

BSIRQI Pilot Sites are departments that have demostrated a commitment to the development of high quality Interventional Radiology Services, have enrolled in the BSIRQI programme, but have not fulfilled all current criteria for the award of exemplar status.  Feedback is given to these departments for consideration by interventional radiology teams and hospital managers.


What are the requirements to enrol as a BSIRQI exemplar or pilot site?

The most important requirement is a motivated clinical lead, this may be an Interventional Radiologist, but could be another member of the Interventional team. Development of a high quality site requires committed clinical leadership and commitment from the Interventional team.  We accept that many sites may not  be able to achieve all the standards immediately and will be working towards them.  A principal aim of this site is that it will promote sharing of information to help departments develop. 


What are the core department requirements of an exemplar site?

Each exemplar site should aim to


  • Define scope of services - what services does the department provide and during what time periods? Clearly understanding the true availability of services will help us improve services and access.

  • Regular team and morbidity and mortality meetings: multidisciplinary working is essential in providing good quality care and taking the opportunity to reflect on practice; a vital part of improving clinical care.

  • Promote data submission to registries: submitting data to registries informs national practice and informs each of us of our standards of practice. Each exemplar centre is committed to improving data submission and will be encouraged to run audits.

  • Share service developments: few centres have completely succeeded  (or failed) at delivering high quality IR services. Inevitably, there are lessons we can all learn from each other and exemplar centres will agree to share their experience at developing quality IR services.

  • Patient focus & safety: each exemplar site should be committed to providing high quality patient information and getting feedback from patients about their services.

  • Core criteria are allied to the Provision of Interventional Radiology Services document available via BSIR or RCR website.

Please refer to the Exemplar Sites - Process and Key Facts page for more information

What about sites that can’t yet reach exemplar status?-  becoming a pilot site

The focus is on quality improvement and we are very keen to enrol sites that are striving to improve the quality of their Interventional Services.  Sites that cannot achieve all of  the key criteria within the four domains can enrol as pilot sites. Pilot sites are demonstrating a commitment to improving the quality of services over a period of time.  Pilot sites will have access to material within the website to help them improve their service and to a network of sites that may have already successfully negotiated similar difficulties.


What else will happen?

Exemplar and pilot sites will be subject to review by the BSIR Quality and Safety committee on a regular basis.


Are exemplar sites accredited as Interventional Radiology services?

No, this is a quality improvement initiative and sites are undertaking self assessment rather than external scrutiny.  We will publish a list and map of exemplar and pilot sites and this will demonstrate sites that have shown commitment to improving Interventional Radiology services.


How do we apply to become an exemplar site?

Self assessment questionnaires can either be submitted by email to exemplaradmin@bsir-qi.org or uploaded here.

The next round of assessment will take place in 2018.  BSIR members will be notifed by mailshot and the BSIR website.