Exemplar and Pilot Sites- Process and Key Facts


The BSIRQI initiative is voluntary, and open to all UK sites undertaking Interventional Radiology.

Sites undertake self assessment based on the BSIRQI assessment proforma which can be downloaded on the "Become an Exemplar Centre" page.  However an example form submitted from a previous round of applications on an older-style form can be viewed by clicking here.

The next round of applications will take place in mid 2018. Self assessment questionnaires can be submitted by email to exemplaradmin@bsir-qi.org   

Questionnaires are reviewed by the BSIR Quality and Safety committee, and notified if they achieve exemplar or pilot site status.  All sites, both exemplar and pilot sites will be required to submit service improvement examples.  The whole application is reviewed, but as a minimum exemplar centres will have to conform to the Provision of Interventional Radiology Services document and in particular have to be able to demonstrate:

- good consent processes including the availability of a dedicated clinic

- from 2018, dedicated time in consultant job plans for in-patient consent and review

- 24/7 availability for the commonest procedures i.e. nephrostomy and embolization either in house or robust fransfer protocols to a neighbouring centre

- regular team and morbidity/mortality meetings

- adherence to basic patient safety including pre-procedural pause

Once a site gains exemplar status this will be reviewed every 5 years.  The first renewals will take place in 2018.