Attention Women Over 30: “I Was Yo-Yo Dieting For Years, Until I Found This…”

Women 30 years and older who feel “burned out” and are experiencing a “sluggish metabolism,” listen closely!

According to the American Heart Associated, 73% of women have reported at least one episode of “yo-yo dieting.” 

Did you know that women who lose at least 10 pounds of excess body weight, to then re-gain that weight within 1 year of losing it… are more likely to experience serious heart complications? 

Keep reading to discover how women 30 years and older are taking control of their slimming results once and for all (and it only takes less than 1 minute a day). 

How is that possible you may ask? Easy. It’s all about…

Working WITH Your Metabolism Day AND Night, Not Just When You’re Awake.

This unique, easy-to-follow system that you’re about to discover combines wholesome ingredients that your metabolism loves to use as fuel at different parts of the day

Why is this a “game-changer” for women over 30? 

We asked women what their biggest “struggles” were when it came to body improvements and here’s what they said: 

“I don’t have time. I have 3 kids. By the end of the day I’m pooped. I want to just eat something with sugar and watch a show.” 

“It’s a catch-22 because eating right and exercising is hard to do when you have low energy. But eating right and exercising gives you more energy. So I’m spinning my wheels and I wonder if it’s worth it.” 

“Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever have my fit body again. I don’t know. I don’t like to think about my weight because it makes me sad. If I could get in shape again, I would love to wear cute clothes like I used to.”

“Sometimes I wish I could lose weight while I sleep ha ha ha.” 

Did you notice a trend with those comments? 

The biggest “issue” we hear from women is they simply don’t have enough time in the day.

Or they would like something to help “boost their energy” to help them make time for daily exercise… so they can pull themselves out of the “tired rut” they feel trapped in. 

Now, what if you found out about a strange “mechanism” deep within your body that could be turned on even when you’re not awake

Sound ridiculous? 

Well get a load of this: 

There’s a new formula called Phen24 that has harvested the exact ingredients that works with your metabolism according to your circadian rhythm (i.e., your “sleep-wake” cycle).

Yes, you read that correctly. That means…

Your Metabolism Can Be Optimized When You’re Awake AND When You’re Asleep!


Have you ever woken up and looked in the mirror and thought to yourself, “Wow… my tummy looks the best in the morning”?

What if that “slimming effect” could be super-charged while you sleep and then last all day long? 

Imagine putting on that “one dress” in your closet that you never thought in a million years would fit and guess what… it fits!

And to think you were about to donate that dress because you thought your “slim days” were over…

How Does Phen24 Work?

It’s simple. Phen24 uses “day ingredients” that works best for when you’re moving, thinking, and using a ton of energy. 

Then at night, when your body is preparing for rest, Phen24 kicks into its “second phase” and releases ingredients that help strengthen your metabolism at a steady pace while you snooze. 

Now, we fully believe the best slimming results happen when you maintain a healthy diet and daily exercise. 

We also believe Phen24 could give you the extra “boost” you’ve been looking for…

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