How this innovative formula is harnessing chemistry to revolutionize the bodybuilding industry Trial and Error As long as there have been sports, there have been those who try anything to get the upper hand.  Ancient Greeks would ingest everything from sesame seeds to alcohol mixed with honey before competing. Norse warriors were known to take […]

“I was worried my friends wouldn’t believe me when I said my gains were natural…”

This new workout supplement isn’t steroids, but good luck convincing your friends… Look, we know you’re already motivated to get into the gym.  You’re the kind of person who spends hours researching H.I.I.T. programs and planning out the perfect leg-day.  You balance your protein, fats, and carbs like a macro-champion and your meal prep could […]


And it’s good news for you (dodge the 80% mark ups!) It’s weird – the fitness industry isn’t known for being backwards and boring. But the way we shop for supplements hasn’t changed in decades. You can go into a health shop or a supermarket. Or shop online direct from the brand or from an […]

Self care tips

Today we wanted to share with you some of our best self care tips. Self care is having a real moment, but what exactly is it? We discuss the origins, importance and impact of self care and give practical tips on how to bring it in to your life. Before we talk about self care […]

Owning a dog can improve your heart health

A study has found having a dog can help improve cardiovascular outcomes, especially for heart attack and stroke survivors living alone. Dogs are not only man’s best friend, but also may be the key to living a longer life, a new study claims. Our four-legged friends have long been praised for their ability to help […]

9 Scientific Benefits of Following a Plant-Based Diet

9 Scientific Benefits of Following a Plant-Based Diet For years, registered dietitians and food scientists alike have touted the perks of eating plants and cutting back on meat. And it seems people are catching on. A study published in The Permanente Journal in the summer of 2016 notes that plant-based diets have gone mainstream — partly because the advantages […]

50 Signs You’re Healthy from Every Type of Doctor

Not everyone has an apple a day, so how do you know if you’re healthy enough to keep the doctor away? We asked medical professionals of all stripes—dermatologists, GPs, dentists, surgeons, psychologists, nutritionists—their top indicators of good health. Here are their 47 gold-star seals of sound, strong health. If you’re a woman, your menstrual cycle […]