He Could Barely Exercise and Still Lost 40lbs: How An Expensive Surgery Taught One Man About This Amazing New Weight-Loss Solution…

Robert had played football all throughout high school. [change for UK/US version]

He spent years managing (and walking around) a big warehouse. 

And eventually, he started his own construction business.

Until that day at the doctor’s office, he’d felt invincible…

Of course, he knew he wasn’t the healthiest guy in the world, even if he was working on his feet 5… sometimes 6… days a week. 

But now, there was no avoiding reality…

Robert was going to have to have knee replacement surgery.

Still, that wasn’t the worst of it…

Yes, he needed the surgery, but he couldn’t get it right away. 

Not because of insurance, or finances, or work…

Robert couldn’t get his knee replacement because he was overweight.

A problem that is growing as more and more people suffer from obesity.1

“The doctor wasn’t being rude about it… and maybe that’s what hurt even more. It was just so matter-of-fact.

Robert’s doctor told him he would need to lose 40lbs [change for geos]

Until then, they couldn’t schedule the surgery…

It didn’t sound like a lot at first, but then it hit him hard.

He had almost no way to exercise for an extended period of time. 

Just the “thought” of exercising sent a thousand blades ripping through Robert’s knees… 

There’s just no way for him to lose weight.

“What was I going to do, starve myself to death?” Robert thought. 

“I really wondered if I was just going to have to learn to live with the pain…”

Robert went home and started researching alternative ways to lose weight… 

…something that could help his unique situation, a simple at-home system that worked fast. 

And it also had to not cost him a fortune… something affordable for the value.

A lot of what he came across didn’t sit well with him…

Robert felt like his only options were expensive prescriptions or radical diets that work at first… then stop working… eventually ending up back at the beginning.

“I was happy when I found some really good low-impact exercises I could do…

…but I knew it wouldn’t be enough. I felt silly at first… but I typed in ‘best diet pills’ in my Google search just to see what pops ups. I figure, ‘why not?’”

Robert remembers feeling desperate.

He wanted something… anything… that could help him drop the weight without giving up his favorite foods.

But he didn’t know how he was going to do it… or where to start.

It was through his research, Robert discovered terms like “thermogenic” and the difference between compounds & extracts… 

He was discovering truths about his own body he was never told… breakthroughs that transformed his thinking when it came to his weight loss efforts.

When the dust settled, Robert decided to try this unique formula that had the best clinical-studied ingredients on the market… 

And was featured in multiple health news outlets in 2019 for its remarkable and simple way it uses its ingredients to “shrink” one’s waistline without spending hours at the gym. 

The system is called PhenQ.

“The main thing that caught my eye was PhenQ’s patented ingredient, a-Lacys Reset.”

a-Lacy’s Reset is a “trio-ingredient” made up of alpha-lipoic acid, cysteine base, and magnesium. 

And it has been scientifically tested and proven2 to assist with weight-loss efforts… even if you’ve tried everything before.

“I appreciated that they could point to actual scientific studies, not just pictures…”

Robert also liked how every ingredient PhenQ’s formula relies on can be found in nature. 

Things like L-Carnitine you can find in red-meats and veggies. And whole-plants like Nopal cactus – a high-fiber & antioxidant powerhouse.

“It was awesome to discover how each ingredient worked together. Like how capsicum – that stuff that makes peppers hot – and caffeine help boost your metabolism. 

Plus, they raise your body’s core temperature so you literally burn calories!”

After settling into a new routine that included light movements, less sugar, and PhenQ… Robert has almost reached his goal in only 4 short months.

And will be able to receive his knee replacement surgery…

“I honestly think I’ll keep taking it… even after the surgery! I’ve never felt so great. I have more energy now because I feel lighter. 

PhenQ also helps me not crave candy and sweets as much which I never thought could happen.”

Want to feel great, look amazing, and not feel guilty if you miss a few days at the gym? 

Then PhenQ might be the weight loss aid for you (especially if you’re 35 or older and have tried every diet out there)…

And purchasing PhenQ is a no-brainer because they offer a massive 60-day guarantee… when most do 30, they do 60 days.

But does PhenQ really work?”

Here’s what a handful of customers had to say: 

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John Doe

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