How Working Moms Are Getting More Done Thanks To This Neuro-Breakthrough

“I wish my stupid brain would just work the way I want it to!”

I don’t normally write these, but I had to say something…

First things first, if you’re a working mom like me, then you’re here for a reason. This isn’t a coincidence. 

I’ll explain why in just a sec, but first let me tell you a lil’ about myself. 

See, I’m a mom with 3 kids. Plus, I work a full-time job. My husband works, too, but let’s focus on my story for a moment, shall we? 

There’s a lot on my plate. I work. I take care of the kids. I run errands. I also cook (my husband helps, but let’s be real here, I’m stuck with the majority of the daily household and kid stuff). 

My biggest problem isn’t that I can’t do it all. My problem is…

Getting My Freakin’ Brain To Work
The Way I Want It To

Here’s what I mean: 

Say you go into your room and you notice one of your daughter’s toys is on the ground. 

So you pick it up to take it to your daughter’s room. 

Well, on the way to your daughter’s room you think to yourself, “Oh yeah, I need to set up a dentist’s appointment for Lacy (name of my daughter).” 

So you stop what you’re doing and head to go pick up your smartphone. 

But you don’t call your daughter’s dentist, you instead set a reminder on your phone to call the dentist later.

But as you’re setting up a reminder, you see a text from someone that acts like they need an answer right away. 

So you answer them, and then pretty soon, you’re in a long text conversation. 

Then once it’s all done, you think to yourself, “What was I doing again?” 

Then the cycle starts over…

On and on and on it goes. It’s overwhelming because your brain doesn’t act like it has “compartments.” 

If you’re like me, then your brain treats everything like a giant network where one thing is connected to the next. 

Before you know it, the day is almost over and you think to yourself, “What do I have to show for it?”

I think of it as…

The Rabbit Hole
Of Inefficiency

You “spin your wheels” but feel like you’re stuck in one spot. It’s miserable. You feel “useless” and maybe people look at you like you’re “lazy.” 

But the truth is, your brain doesn’t feel lazy. It feels “overwhelmed.”

You’re being pulled in all different directions and you never feel like you can complete one single task without getting distracted by another task. 

You start to feel guilty because you genuinely feel tired and “worn out.” But when you look up, it looks like you’ve been doing nothing for hours…

So then you ask yourself, “why is this so hard to do? Why am I so tired all the time?”

Maybe what I’m saying to you right now is really hitting home. 

You’re probably thinking, “wow, she really gets me.”


I get you because I know exactly what you’re going through and I’m thrilled to show you a “way out” of this inefficiency trap. 

My friend Sarah told me about this new “nootropic” that was made specifically to help people with motivation and time-management issues. 

It’s called NooCube.

Of course I was skeptical because I’ve tried countless other prescriptions and supplements to help with my task management and none of them seem to be powerful enough for me. 

Or they lost their “effectiveness” after a couple of weeks. 

Anyway, I thought “why not” and ordered myself a bottle of NooCube. 

Well, to my honest surprise, I was shocked by how well Noocube…

Gave Me Clarity And
Kept Me Focused On Each Task!

Within the first week, I felt like my focus became more “acute” or detailed. I didn’t feel like my brain was all over the place.

I was able to start and complete each task without getting distracted or “pulled away” to another task. 

I was also surprised by how well Noocube motivated me to check off my to-do list! It was almost as if my brain acted like a drill-sergeant that told me what to do and when. 

Everyday working moms are getting more done without feeling “bogged down” with an endless task list!
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But I have to say, Noocube works, but I’m not the only one it has helped…

“Noocube definitely works. Within about an hour of taking two capsules I found a significant improvement in my concentration, motivation, and attention to detail. It works best when I have a list of things to do. Taking Noocube helps me power through the tasks. It usually keeps going throughout the day. After a day of work, I’ll go home and tidy up and do chores I’ve been putting off. I have previously tried other nootropics, but I found Noocube to be more suited to my needs. I also noticed Noocube doesn’t affect my sleep later.”

Claire Wolstencroft

But get this…

Noocube is so confident you’ll experience “heightened” clarity and focus, they’re giving everyone a…

100% Money-Back Guarantee.

So if you want to accomplish more in your day without feeling “overwhelmed” by your endless task list…

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