I Could Not Wear Anything Cute Until I Discovered This…

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(If you’re a lady over the age of 30 and hate getting dressed in the morning, then you owe it to yourself to read this right now…)

My date was arriving in 10 minutes and I changed my outfit for the 20th time… no joke

Nothing looked cute on me.

I looked like a man or a lumberjack woman. 


Have you ever put on a skirt, dress, pants, whatever… and notice you’re “spilling out” like over-proofed bread? 

You try to hide your spillage with some Spanx or maybe a loose-fitting blouse, but nothing. Nada. 

It’s avalanche season on your body and you feel like crap.

That’s how I felt ALL. THE. TIME.

Matter of fact, when my date arrived he literally said, “Oh, did something happen?” 

Because he saw that my eyes were red and I had been crying! 

Thankfully the date went okay. He was a nice guy. 

But after the date, I could not wait to get home, get out of my clothes and get into my pajamas that smelled like they haven’t been washed in at least 3 days (don’t judge). 

That night I ended it like I always did: scrolling through Facebook and Instagram and rolling my eyes at pictures of women that clearly were born with a faster metabolism than myself

Anyway, long-story-short: that’s when I came across a small ad that talked about how it was possible for any woman to boost their metabolism for noticeably slimming results… no matter the metabolism they were born with. 

“OK sure, whatever… I’ll bite,” I said to myself. 

The product they talked about was called Phen24

And unlike other metabolism boosters on the market, Phen24 comes in 2 bottles. 

One bottle is to be used during the day to “energize” your metabolism as you are out and about. 

And the other bottle contains ingredients that help “strengthen” your metabolism as you sleep. 

I think what really made me interested in Phen24 was that on their site it talked about how our bodies work off our “circadian rhythm” which is our sleep-wake cycle

In other words…

Phen24 worked WITH our sleep-wake cycle rather than forcing our metabolism to go against its natural process. 

Think of Phen24 as the ultimate “metabolism coach” that motivates your metabolism to keep going, even if it thinks it can’t go any longer. 

Anyway, I ordered Phen24 and got a couple of their upsells which made total sense because they worked alongside the product. 

Everything came within a week of ordering which is bonkers fast where I live. 

I followed the directions which were pretty simple. 

I took one capsule during the day from the “Day” bottle.

And 2 capsules before I went to bed from the “Night” bottle. 

OK, now I’m not one to write these kinds of reviews or whatever, but I have to say… wow

The first thing I noticed from taking Phen24 was…

I didn’t feel as “bloated” as before!

I used to feel so bloated at night or when I got super stressed from work. 

Oh, and it seemed easier to get dressed in the morning without “stretching” some of my clothes to make them feel looser around my stomach and thighs. 

That was the first week… 

Then the second week I noticed I slept better! 

When I woke up, I felt like I had more energy and I didn’t feel as groggy and unmotivated. 

Phen24 also boosted my ambition to hit the gym again (which I haven’t done in quite a while). 

When you go to their site, take a look at the main ingredients they are using. 

All wholesome ingredients that work together to “heighten” your metabolic-rate. 

Listen, I’ve tried numerous metabolism boosters through the years. I’ve tried all of the green juices and red juices and whatever juices… 

Nothing worked. 

Phen24 was the first breakthrough that I actually noticed major body improvements. 

I reached out to Phen24 and told them I wanted to do a small blog piece about them and they offered all of my readers a 20% discount on their first order

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If you’re like me, then you’ve tried EVERYTHING to feel slimmer and feel more confident in clothes. 

I have to say, Phen24 was the metabolism booster I’ve been searching for…

You won’t be disappointed. 

You need to hurry though. 

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