Shocking Reveal! Unlocking This “Mysterious Metabolism” Helps A 34-Year Old Mom Get Loads More Energy

If you ever look at old photos of yourself and feel embarrassed by how you look NOW, then this blog post is for you.

Now, like most moms out there, I’m busy 24/7. 

I’m a mom with 3 kids.

And between running kids to and from school, football practice, and then cooking meals… the last thing I want to think about is “hitting the gym.” 

I tried. I really did. 

I’d find the motivation with some talk I found on YouTube and get all pumped up and say to myself, “OK, I’m doing it this time!” 

But then a couple of weeks pass and I’m face-first into a pizza and a very large box of wine (don’t judge). 

Here’s the thing that suuuuuucks…

I Used To Be Fit…
I Felt Hot and Confident All The Time

ven when I got married. 

I felt pretty good about my body. 

Then I had kids and BAM! It was hard to “bounce back” to my original shape. 

I remember the day when it REALLY sunk in. 

It was at night and I was changing after my shower and I remember my husband looked over at me while changing and I shouted at him, “Don’t look!”

He looked away and asked, “What’s wrong?” 

It took a moment for me to realize what I did. 

I was shocked at how quickly I shouted at him not to look. 

He’s always watched me change and I kind of liked it. He made me feel wanted. 

But for some reason, because my body had changed, I felt like I wasn’t something desirable anymore…

That’s when I knew I had to do something or else it was going to get worse.

I Researched Online Which Was

I don’t know if you know this, but apparently searching “mom trying to lose weight” can bring up a laundry list of sites claiming to help you. 

Which makes you wonder…

“Where do I start?”

So, I did what anyone else would do when they felt overwhelmed…

I opened up Facebook and wasted an hour or two doing nothing… and then feeling worse about myself. 

I needed to get out of the “funk” but…

I Didn’t Know
Where To Turn

And like an answer to my prayers, my friend Becky reached out to me via Facebook messenger and asked me how I’ve been. 

Well, she hit me at the worst time (or the best time?) because I really vented on how I felt. 

Becky did exactly what I’ve been needing…

She listened. 

Then she asked me if she showed me a simple method that could help me get back into my “sexy self,” would I be interested? 

You’re probably thinking exactly what I was thinking at the time.

“Of Course I’d Be Interested
In Learning A Simple Method!”

My friend Becky then started explaining to me that I have “two metabolisms” and they should both be working at an equal rate. 

Wait, what? Two metabolisms? 

She explained that our bodies work off of our circadian rhythm (i.e., “sleep-wake” cycle). 

When we’re awake, we are moving and thinking and being more alert to our surroundings. 

But when we’re asleep, our body is at rest. 

Wouldn’t you say your metabolism during the day is working harder than at night when you’re asleep? 

Well, of course, right?  

Well, what if there was a way to “turn up” your metabolic-rate at night while you sleep so it continues to work… even though you’re not doing anything. 

Why would we do this? 

As we get older, your metabolism starts to slow down. 

It’s just a fact of life.

That’s why we need extra help from a specific set of wholesome ingredients that work WITH our bodies to help promote longevity. 

When people say “weight loss is hard as you age.”

That’s true because your body isn’t working at a high level like it used to…

It’s like buying a brand new car. 

A brand new car will always run better than an older model. 

So, after Becky explained everything to me, she let me know it’s not entirely my fault…

My “weight issues” have more to do with my aging metabolism. 

After she told me that, I thought to myself…

“How Do I Jumpstart My Metabolism?”

That’s when Becky introduced me to a different kind of nutrition that contained wholesome ingredients for my day and night metabolism

She said these ingredients specifically work with my circadian rhythm and stimulate my metabolism during the day… and at night, even when I’m asleep. 

It’s called Phen24 and Becky said it was going to change my life…

Women over 30 are “revving up” their metabolism 24 hours a day… even when they are asleep! To learn more about the science and how this is possible, click here now.

Anyway, after I spoke with Becky, I immediately placed my order with Phen24.

I waited about a week (it actually came super fast). 

I followed the directions and took Phen24 according to the day and night and here’s what I noticed: 

Week One: 

I began to feel almost like I had a “second wind” around 2 PM when I normally got super sleepy. Phen24 picked me right up and I didn’t even need coffee. 

Week Two: 

I noticed my sleeping got better. That’s probably from the hops ingredient in the night time of Phen24. I felt more at ease when I fell asleep and I woke up when I needed to without feeling groggy. 

This is also when I noticed my dresses feeling a bit looser than normal. My bra didn’t feel as tight and that made me happy. 

Week Three: 

Wow. This is when it really kicked in. I feel less bloated throughout the day. I also noticed I have more energy like it kicked me out of the “funk” I was in. It has helped me feel more confident about my appearance. I don’t feel so embarrassed when I dry myself after I shower.

Since I’ve been taking Phen24 every day religiously, I feel like I’ve become a better mom and wife. 

I feel like I have the “pep in my step” that I once had.

I would highly recommend Phen24 for all the moms out there that need that extra “nudge” to help improve their slimming efforts. 

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