Veteran Bodybuilder Is Blown Away By Simple, All-In-One System

“It’s so good it almost feels unfair!”

Steroids are now banned or restricted in many countries, and the punishment for testing positive can lose you a competition, or even a career. 

But since the complete ban didn’t happen until 1990, there are still plenty of bodybuilders who were around to witness the destruction caused by steroid use. 

Someone who actually walked that path is “Nathan.” 

We’re not using his real name because some of what you’ll read here wasn’t all “above board.” But Nathan was ready to share the highs and lows he experienced in the world of competitive bodybuilding. 

And why, after painstaking (literally) trial and error led him to discover the perfect all-in-one workout system…

We had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Nathan about his experience. He also shared his insights about a new groundbreaking formula he’s using that is “just as powerful” as the substances he was using. 

  • Q: Nathan, thanks for sharing your time. So tell me, what got you into bodybuilding in the first place?


  • A: Well, I guess the first time I remember lifting weights was during high school. I had to start lifting two-a-days. I liked getting stronger, but if you’d asked me about bodybuilding I’d have been clueless. 


  • Q: So then when did you start seriously lifting?


  • A: With friends in college. I wasn’t playing sports by then, but I liked getting to the gym. It helped take away a lot of stress. Then one day I found out there was actual an elective course I could take and I jumped at the opportunity. That’s when I finally began to learn about the science behind my workouts. I was floored. 


  • Q: So was that when you decided to start competing?


  • A: Well… Yes and no. I kept at it even after college. Ya know, some guys take up running, and there were people at my office who had a softball league. Well, I just loved lifting.

    One weekend at my gym and one of the guys who worked their came up and started asking if I’d be interested in a local competition. It wasn’t for a qualifier or anything. Pretty low-stakes. But I ended up winning 2nd Place.

    That’s when I truly decided to start competing. 


  • Q: How long after that until you started experimenting with steroids?


  • A:  I hate when I have to think about it, but the honest answer is that it didn’t take long.

    I still had an 8-5 job and always felt like I didn’t have the energy I wanted when it came time to lift. If I lifted in the morning, I was burnt out by lunch. If I waited until after work, I was exhausted by the time I got to the gym.

    Other guys at my gym lived the same lifestyle, but I could see their gains quicker than my own. And they always seemed like they could do another set.

    I thought maybe they knew some secret I didn’t. But looking back I knew they were using, and some part of me wanted in. 


  • Q: So was it bad immediately?


  • A: I kind of wish it had been. But no. It was everything I wanted. I wasn’t having to measure at every meal. I wasn’t having to find time in my schedule when I would be energized enough to lift.

    I kept winning competitions and seemed to break my personal weight records every other week. But after about a year of stacking I couldn’t pretend things weren’t right.


  • Q: Was there a moment when you knew you needed to change? 


  • A: Two days before a competition I tore my left pectoral muscle. I was so amped up I didn’t even notice it happened at first.

    By then I’d tried ignoring the breakouts on my back and face. I was drinking gallons of water a day and my kidneys still hurt. 

I shouldn’t have been surprised when I felt the weight give out that day. But I was. 

  • Q: Then what?


  • A: It took months to recover. I was miserable. I’d spent years building myself into the person I wanted to be only to lose it trying to do the impossible.

    Once I was finally able to lift again, I decided I was going to do it on my terms. I had been lucky enough to get the help to wean myself off the steroids, and I had a great support from friends who started introducing me more natural (and legal!) alternatives. 


  • Q: So what did you end up finding worked best for you?


  • A: It took a lot of trial and error. Every supplement store kept trying to add “one more thing” to the thing they’d sold me last week. 

    I even tried to make my own supplements for a time following forums online, but it was too time-consuming. 

So one night I was up researching what I could possibly be missing. That’s when I found an ad for D-Bal MAX

  • Q: And how did you know it was working for you?


  • A: After trying so many different things, I knew something was different right away. Normally when I hit the gym after work it always took a couple sets to feel amped.

    With D-Bal MAX, I felt like I’d already been at the squat rack before I even got out of my car. I know it sounds terrible, but I hadn’t felt that level of energy since I was using.

    Honestly, it works so good it doesn’t seem fair.


  • Q: And what do you do for post-workout recovery?


  • A: Well that’s what makes D-Bal MAX such a game-changer for me. Not only does it give me the energy to start strong and finish strong, it helps speed muscle repair. 

Now I don’t have to take multiple supplements before, during, and after my workouts. 

Needless to say, D-Bal MAX is the only thing in my cabinet anymore. 

“Honestly, it works so good it doesn’t seem fair.”

Nathan has since reached out to talk about others he’s helped and he even recently won a competition for the first time in years. 

“I can actually be proud of my accomplishment,” he said. 

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